Friday, November 30, 2007

Do you like it raw?

The whole raw-milk debate seems to be picking up steam lately. On one side are the folks who believe that pasteurization actually kills many of the important components of milk and negatively affects the flavor, on the other side are the folks (and the government regulators) who believe that pasteurization is the only way to guarantee 'safe' milk.

Apparently California has the most permissive raw milk regulations, allowing for retail sale. But according to this piece, that's soon to change.

I don't know much about raw milk one way or the other, but in general, I think as long as producers are required to provide a warning when it comes to products such as raw milk, raw milk cheese, cured meats, etc., consumers should be able to buy these products. While they might not be perfectly safe by the government's point of view, we should have the right to eat natural products at our own discretion, as long as risk information is made available. God knows the government looks the other way in terms of additives and other unsavory aspects of the dominant food culture, the least they can do is offer a little leniency when it comes to foods humans have safely been consuming for thousands of years.

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Dr Grace J Andrus said...

You can't ban and bad mouth a food because of a few bad cases, what about "FDA Approved" foods like the peanut butter with ecoli and the hundreds of other breakouts of foods sold in grocery stores? You have the right not to drink it, but stop bad mouthing it and supporting the governments pursuit to make it extinct. What about if the government goes after something YOU love and feel have the right to purchase it? Would you like others to support it even if they never tried it and don't have much knowledge about it? Just put your selves in our situation. Anyone should be able to get what they need and consider to be the best for THEIR family, no one has to approve of your choices, it's YOUR family, YOUR money.

People who want to drink it and have the right to make their OWN choice will not be able to do so. I don't want to drink milk from slaughter houses and mistreated loaded with hormones and antibiotics cows. I have a trusted farmer and I have been buying from them for over 27 years... My children were raised on raw milk, I was too, so were my parents and grandparents and all my ancestors and we are never going to buy the poisonous milk from the MASS Production industries. It's MY Choice, and the choice of other Americans what they put in their stomachs. You must make an uneducated decision... did you ever try it? Or are YOU letting other people make that decision for you?

Have you ever even researched the benefits? If we drank raw milk we would be healthier and the pharmaceutical companies couldn't make their trillions pushing their chemicals on us with dangerous side effects. The FDA approves drugs which have a clear warning MAY CAUSE DEATH! They do not have our best health at heart, I know that they would loose out if we were healthier and didn't need their toxic deadly chemicals, they will do anything to keep us from ingesting anything that is good for us, use anyone to do it, and use any tactic to accomplish their goal... which is to scare people, by Any means, they never list any benefits of Raw milk, or say that it is an isolated case. It is their GOAL to make it extinct so we will continue getting sicker and weaker with every generation, until they will have no more suckers to fool and deceive, and get rich on.

Please everyone. Support your local farmers, find a farm within a 100 miles of your location, and make a trip twice a month to buy all your dairy products only from them. It will help so much.

Many farmers also sell beef, and their cows are fed by letting them graze on grass… find your local farms and read about them on their websites… most have them. Read about the benefits of raw milk: (they have many wonderful informative pages).

I was brought up on raw milk, I am sure most of you still remember the milk in glass bottles being delivered early in the morning by your local farmer. Raw milk can be dangerous if the farm is neglectful as with everything else in life, but if the cows are clean and healthy you will never get sick and only benefit a 1000 times over ingesting the processed pasteurized and altered dairy at our local stores. Help support your local farmers, you can’t even find REAL raw dairy products at any store, not even health food stores, because the government is sticking their noses into our kitchens now.

I will never buy another ounce of dairy from the market unless they start supporting the local farmers instead of the slaughter houses and mass produced dairy by tortured cows, raised and kept in cruel conditions. Just look at how many more diseases do we suffer from since we started drinking everything homogenized and pasteurized. More and more of us are ill with bone diseases and deficiencies, which in the process cause serious, even deadly consequences.

Please go to and learn more about how much you will benefit your family and the environment by making even one hefty shopping trip to your local Farm ;)