Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The 10,000 Year Old Diet

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As some of you know, I do a little book editing here and there, and a book that I worked on and am really excited about just went on sale today. THE JUNGLE EFFECT by Daphne Miller, MD, argues that traditional, native diets are actually the healthiest way to eat. It makes sense that our bodies evolved along with specific foods, so in the end, natural foods and traditional preparations hold the secret to meeting our bodies' needs. So to learn more about Daphne's travels to the world's healthiest spots, including Iceland, Okinawa, Crete, rural Mexico and Africa, pick up a copy of this really important and fascinating book. Here's what Michael Pollan had to say about it, in case you need any more convincing:

“History shows that the human body is well adapted to an extraordinary range of different traditional diets. Alas, one of the very few diets to which we are NOT well adapted is the Western Diet most of us are eating today. In this bracingly hopeful and eminently practical book, Daphne Miller shows us how we can bring the wisdom of traditional diets to our own plates, in the interest of both our health and our pleasure. THE JUNGLE EFFECT is a fascinating, useful and important book.”

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